FLOURISH is a program designed to build Foundations by teaching & Learning self-respect and Ownership for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander females. Throughout the program the girls will develop a sound Understanding of Respect for themselves and others, to have knowledge of their own Identity and build their Self-Esteem. This will lead to much needed Healing for their growth and personal development.

The FLOURISH Program was developed for providing the best information for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Woman to make the right choices for the years ahead. FLOURISH will cover subject such as:

• Cultural and Individual Identity
• Puberty
• Emotions and feelings
• Speaking out, depression and anxiety
• Relationships
• Talking Sex
• Parenting
• Positive Lifestyle choices
• Positive body image
• Grooming and deportment
• Long term goals and achievements

By running this program we hope to inform young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman the importance of identity, self-determination and get them thinking about important issues and problem solving.