Early Years

The establishment of a secondary school in the Greenmount-Swan View area east of Governor Stirling Senior High School was originally raised in 1972.

At the time, Governor Stirling Senior High School maintained a consistent position of being a school amongst the highest enrolment figures throughout Western Australia. The increased residential development east of Midland supported the establishment of a secondary school and would relieve the overcrowding at Governor Stirling SHS.

The view that the development of a secondary school is necessary was also strongly supported by the wider community in the Greenmount-Swan View area. The Swan View Primary School Parents and Citizens Association established a Committee to work towards the early development of a secondary school.

In 1973, the Tonkin Labor Government announced the proposed development of a secondary school in Swan View with the first stage ready for students in 1975.

During this time, parents at Eastern Hills High School were advocating for the school to be upgraded to a senior high school as the population in the area was increasing.

In August 1974, the Court Liberal Government deferred the proposed development of Swan View High School citing the considerable increase in costs in building a new secondary school. Instead the Government opted for the upgrading of Eastern Hills High School with the introduction of Year 11 students at the school in 1975 followed by Year 12 in 1976. It was viewed at the time that this would ease the enrolment position at Governor Stirling SHS.

The Greenmount-Swan View community were disappointed by the decision of the Government particularly as the new school was proposed to open at Swan View in 1975. Moreover, they viewed the two schools as being different and therefore could not see the connection between the two proposals.

A Public Meeting was organised by the local community in the Greenmount Hall on 15 August 1974 to discuss the announcement by the Hon. Graham MacKinnon MLC, Minister for Education, and to plan a way forward. The meeting was well attended: Dr David Mossenson, Education Department; James Moiler MLA, Mundaring; Hon. Gordon Masters MLC, West Province; and John Skidmore MLA, Swan. Also present were approximately 80 interested parents and representatives from the following organisations: Eastern Hills District Parents and Citizens Council, Governor Stirling SHS Parents and Citizens Association, Greenmount Ratepayers Association, Parents and Citizens Association representatives from nearby schools, Shire of Mundaring, and the Swan Districts Parents and Citizens Council.

After a great deal of discussion, the meeting recommended that a delegation committee be formed, consisting of represented organisations, to further advocate for a secondary school at Swan View. The Swan View High School Deputation Committee was subsequently established; comprising the following members: James Moiler MLA, Mundaring; Hon. Gordan Masters MLC, West Province; Tom Broz, President – Shire of Mundaring; K Wylie, President – Governor Stirling SHS Parents and Citizens Association and Vice President – Swan District Council Parents and Citizens Association; Lee Struthers, President – Swan View Primary School Parents and Citizens Association; and Margaret Taylor, President – Eastern Hills District Council Parents and Citizens Association and President – Darlington Primary School Parents and Citizens Association.

Margaret Taylor was elected Chair of the Deputation Committee.

During the ensuing months the Committee organised regular meetings to discuss and plan ways to progress the development of a secondary school at Swan View. Evidence was continually gathered to assist in the preparation of a submission that would be presented to Minister MacKinnon MLC.

In October 1974, Minister MacKinnon MLC accepted an invitation to visit Governor Stirling SHS to examine the matter of overcrowding at the school. During his visit, the potential utilisation of classroom accommodation at Midland Technical School was raised as an option to relieve the overcrowding at school. It was suggested at the time that first year Swan View HS students could be commenced at Midland Technical School in 1975. This would allow for the first and second stage of the proposed Swan View HS to be built and opened in February 1976.

The Midland Technical School option was rejected by Minister MacKinnon based on the financial capacity of the State Government to build the school. In the opinion of the State Government it was more cost effective to extend Year 11 classes at Eastern Hills HS and defer the opening of the proposed Swan View HS.

In November 1974, Margaret Taylor resigned as Chair of the Deputation Committee due to family and other community commitments. She was succeeded by Lee Struthers. In March 1975, the organisation was renamed the Swan View High School Committee.

In November 1975, the Education Department announced plans to build a secondary school in Swan View for the commencement of the 1977 school year. The decision came after a disciplined and ongoing campaign by parents, community organisations, the Shire of Mundaring and the State School Teachers Union of Western Australia.

In preparing for the building of the proposed school in 1976, 140 students from the primary schools at Bellevue, Greenmount, Helena Valley, Koongamia and Swan View and students living east of the standard gauge railway who attended Midvale travelled by a special bus to Forrestfield High School. The school was selected due to its proximity and surplus accommodation.

These students became the nucleus of the future Swan View High School as the Year 8 and 9 cohort.

A New School

Swan View High School formally opened on 7 February 1977. There were 346 foundation students in Years 8 and 9 that enrolled in the school. This was more than the 328 students estimated by the Planning Branch of the Education Department of Western Australia. The contributory primary schools included: Bellevue, Greenmount, Helena Valley, Koongamia, and Swan View. Darlington and Glen Forest Primary Schools had the option in 1977 and in 1978 to attend either Swan View High School or Eastern Hills Senior High School.

Each student was placed in a School House (or Faction). The Houses were named after explorers who explored Western Australia. They included: Eyre (red), Forrest (green), Giles (yellow) and Grey (blue). In 1984, Grey was changed to Canning (blue).

The first Year 10 cohort at the school graduated in 1978. These students continued their education in Year 11 and 12 at either Eastern Hills Senior High School or Governor Stirling Senior High School.

In 1985, the school commenced the academic year as a senior high school. The school became Swan View Senior High School with the first Year 12 cohort graduating in 1986. A new emblem was developed for the school’s change in status to a senior high school and the motto Learning for Living became synonymous with the new direction.

Building Program

The proposed site for the new secondary school was a former vineyard and chicken farm. Large yellow sand pads were constructed as part of the foundation work. Strong Easterly winds experienced at the foot of the Darling Scarp caused major problems stabilising the sand and developing playing fields.

The tender for the construction of the proposed school was awarded to GKW Construction Co. Stage One of the Program would cost $1.4 million and included: the Administration Block, Canteen, Commerce and Social Studies, Gymnasium, two Home Economics classrooms, Library, Manual Arts, and Maths and Science.

Stage Two of the Building Program was completed in February 1978. The buildings completed included: English Block, Performing Arts Theatre, and an extension of one room to the Home Economics Block.

The first two stages cost $2 235 758.00 which included equipment, furnishing, landscaping, a bore for reticulation and electrical equipment.

In 1985, extensions to the Administration building, Library, Manual Arts and Performing Arts Theatre were completed. They were officially opened on 18 October 1985 by Hon. Bob Pearce MLA, Minister for Education.

Stage Three was completed in 1988 and involved the Art Block and extensions to various parts of the school. There was an extension in the Science Block where a Science Staffroom was built together with an additional classroom. The Laboratory Preparation Room was extended into the former Science Staffroom. A ramp was constructed connecting the Administration Building to the Science Block. New toilets were built at the ground level of the Science Block. Two transportables were moved and the Common Room in the English Block became a classroom.

Foundation Staff

School Executive Senior Leadership Team
Michael B. Martin  BA Dip.Ed Eric J. McAleer  Dip.Ed. MA
Ivor C. Jumeaux  B.Ed Terrence E. March  B.Sc B.Ed
Yvonne D. Hocking  AIT Art Dip. PTC Art Kathleen M. Pepall
Kenneth J. Ross  A.App.Sc. Physics
Bettie L. Roberts  B.Ed.
Teaching Staff
Pamela L. Babb  B.Phys.Ed. Dip.Ed. Ruth L. Howie  B.Sc.
Jason Braunstein BA Dip.Ed. Dip.Lib. Joseph S. Hrabar
Rafe C. Budiselic Mary R. Knezovic  BA
Adrian C. Colley  BA Dip.Ed. Margaret R. Lonnie  Dip.H.Sc.
Grazyna Critch Erica H. Mummery
James W. Crouchley John L. Solosy  BA Dip.Ed.
Prisonio Dias  BA  PhD Rhonwen L. Thomas
Robyn L. Douglas  Dip.Tch. Graham T. Hawkes
Support Staff
Phyllis J. Chadwick
Rose McAullay
Sandra Pressman

Foundation Students

David Aquilina Colleen Harvey Marisa Pieri
Paul Aquilina Neil Harvey Pauline Pietrzyk
Terry Atkins Warren Hawkins Nigel Pilbeam
Michelle Bagley Patricia Hayes Helen Pollard
Steven Ball Laurence Haynes Wayne Polmear
Susan Barnacle Bevan Hearne Carol Price
Anthony Barrett Murray Hegney Melanie Price
Wayne Barry Wayne Herbert Ivy Poore
Mark Bascombe Wendy Hezfeld Rex Pritchard
Donna Baumgarten Karen Hewett Carol Proszenyak
William Bayley Angela Heymans Eric Proszenyak
Philip Beales Gregory Higgins Robert Puren
Leslie Beatty Sharon Higgs Irena Purvinskis
Tina Beeching Cathy Hill Lidija Purvinskis
Jacqueline Bell Maureen Hill Anthony Quilty
Jenny Berich Wayne Hill Boris Radalj
Phillip Bermingham Andrew Hillis Wilma Radalj
Mena Beugelaar Joy Hillman Patricia Rathbone
Alan Blackford Denise Hills Ranjit Ray
Shane Bland Clinton Hodge Michelle Raynor
Amanda Blight Ann Houlihan Mark Read
Mark Bond Patrick Houlihan Shelley Reindl
Dennis Bowers Gavan Howarth Marta Renzullo
Hazel Bradley Kevin Hughes Angus Richards
Kevin Brandis Glenn Illich Nicholas Riggs
Michelle Brandwood Anne Irvine Suzanne Riggs
John Brimmer Charmaine Irwin Brian Risbey
Penelope Bryce Christine Ithier Trevor Rivers
Craig Buchanan Mark Johnson Tracy Robertson
Deborah Buck Sharon Johnston Gillian Robins
Michael Buckley Christopher Jones Joanne Robinson
Theresa Buckley Fiona Jones Lisa Rossiter
Carolyn Buisman Gary Jones Yvonne Russell
Jennifer Bull Scott Jones Sharon Sampson
Beth Burns Julie Jonker Dianne Sanford
Gerard Burtt Martin Jordan Janine Sara
Ricky Buxton Paul Joyce Timothy Schmidt
Timothy Buxton Scott Keable Debbie Scoffern
Ainsley Calladine John Kelleher Ian Scott
Christopher Canute Mark Kendle Rodney Scott
Bruce Caporn Tracey Kickett Wayne Scott
Anthony Casellas Dale Kilgannon Allan Scroop
Tony Celima Raymond Kilpatrick Tanya Segec
Gary Chapman Julie King Kim Shanahan
Silvana Cherubino Susan King Deborah Sheppard
Joanne Chisolm George Kitts Graeme Sims
Glenda Christensen Pamela Kitts Gregory Sims
Paul Clark Susan Lake Bryce Sinclair
Mark Clifton Kieran Latham Justine Skeet
Heather Coccetti Jasmin Lavell Gwendalyn Skipper
Rachael Coe Louise Lavtas Erica Smith
Stephanie Colbert Peter Lawson Kathryn Smith
Russell Cole Andrew Leach Michael Smith
Shauna Cole Leanne Leaney Julie Soulsby
Caryn Collins Gavin Leeder Mark Spargo
Neil Coney Victoria Linton Anthony Sparks
Paul Coombes Neil Littely Shaun Speak
Faye Cooper Andrew Lobb Lance Stannard
Jackie Copley Malcolm Lockyer Faye Steer
Karen Corkhill Christopher Lynn David Stribley
Wayne Counsel Kevin Lynn Julie Ann Sturgeon
Timothy Cousins Paula Manning Jerome Sutton
Justin Cox Adrian Mansfield Shaun Sutton
Caryn Craig Paul Mansfield Carla Swanson
Donna Creed Sandra Manzoney Suzanne Sweeney
Michelle Crowe Steven Manzoney Antoinette Szumilak
Robert Crowe Sheralee March Robert Szumilak
Craig Curtis Wayne March Shayne Talbot
Jenice Daly Anthony Markham Victoria Tate
Jeffrey Dawson Rhonda Martin Shane Taylor
Murray Day Maria Martino Stacey Templeman
Mark Denham Jacqueline Matthews Janelle Thomas
Joanne Derrick David McAllan Judith Thorn
Bruce Devereux Brian McDonald Sara Trown
Craig Dickman Karen McEwan Leesa Troy
Terrence Domney Phillip McGhie Debra Tuson
Michael Douglas Trevor McGlew Susan Ugle
Dennis Dow Jeanne McIntosh Garry Vanderlaan
Andrew Duffy Margaret McIntosh Anthony Ventresca
Jo-anne Dunne Kathleen Middleton Annette Vonk
Cheryl Duplex Shane Miller Phillip Walker
Malcolm Durrant Sonja Miller Tracey Wallace
Warren Easther Denise Mills Paul Walsh
Warren Edmonds Sarah Mills Angela Walters
Naomi Edmunds Gary Mitchell Tony Webb
Janette Eggleston James Mitchell Shane Wedlake
Brian Elder Peter Mitchell Darren-Lee Weinbrecht
Mandy Elliott Judith Moir Laura Westmacott
Susan Ende Nigel Morgan Caroline Weston
Peter Everett Victoria Morrow Sean Weston
Craig Fawell Lisa Mulder Jane Whitting
Tracey Fellows Gayna Mumme Julie Williams
Wayne Ferrell Peter Murray Dean Willmott
Michael Fitzpatrick Shayne Nedselsky Susan Willmott
Eric Francis Shirley Netherway Amanda Winterburn
Roger Fris Brett Nicholls Yolanta Woldendorp
Murray Fuller Alison Nicholson David Wood
Derek Gale Morag Nicholson Michael Wood
Joan Gardner Anne Nolan Julie Wood
Holly Gartrell John Norman Ronald Woods
Ian Gaynor Phillip Normandale Michelle Woodcock
Dzintra Gersmanis Fiona Noske Lorelle Wright
Tracey Gibbons Lorraine O’Donnell Tony Wroblewski
Cathryn Gill Linda Offen Allan Zahra
Paula Glendenning Brian Oldham
Amanda Glover Anita Olson
Eric Goder Ashley Oobagooma
Fiona Gordon Peter Otway
Sue Grafham Mark Owen
Sharon Greenshields Karen Palmer
Amanda Hackett Ronald Palmer
Lois Haggarty Jody Parkes
Sandra Hampson Kevin Passmore
Tracy Hampson Corina Pavlinovich
Warren Hannagan Colin Payne
Chris Hansen William Pekaar
Rolf Hansen Marisa Perich
Lorna Harold Yvonne Perich
Alan Harris Wendy Peters
Robert Hart Susan Pettit
Susan Hart Julian Pieri

Executive Team Roll of Honour

Swan View High School

Principal Deputy Principal Deputy Principal Registrar
Michael B. Martin Ivor C. Jumeaux Yvonne D. Hocking Phyllis J. Chadwick
1977 – 1981 1977 – 1982 1977 -1984 1977 – 1984
Yvonne D. Hocking (A) Ian W. Murray Rhonda Bracey (A)
1981 1983 -1984 1981
Douglas H. Love Philip N. King (A) Jeanette M. Dalla-Costa (A)
1982 – 1984 1984 1984
Yvonne D. Hocking (A)

Swan View Senior High School

Principal Deputy Principal Deputy Principal Deputy Principal Deputy Principal Registrar
Douglas H. Love Ian W. Murray Susan K. Rodway Anne Hudson-Brown Karen J. Scriven Lyn Mohr
1985 – 1990 1985 – 1986 1985 – 1987; 1991 – 1993 2011 2018 – 2019 1985 – 1989
Ian W. Murray (A) Bernard M. Higgs (A) Karen B. Wearn (A) Debra A. McNeil Renee L. Bowell Alexander Watt
1987 1987; 1989 1988 – 1990 2014 2020 – present 1990 – 1992
Barbara Webster Michael J. McGarry Donna L. Miller (A) Chris Hatzis Marilyn Jones
1991 1988 – 1989 1994 2018 – 2019 1993
John F. Cooper William I. Melville Maureen M. Duddy (A) Pamela Moss Rodney W. Primrose
1992 – 1997 1990 – 1995 1994 – 1995 2019 – present 1994 – 2007
Paul B. Housley (A) William A. Mann (A) Charmaine P. Harris
1998; 2000 1995 1996 – 2009 Business Manager
Neil P. Hunt Domenic Candeloro Colleen J. Wright (A) Maxine D. Smith
1998 – 2002 1996 – 2003 2008 2007 – 2008
Michael L. Young (A) James E. Kent (A) Kathleen Wallace Rita Walker
2003 2001 2009 – 2010 2008
Robert W. Nairn Eleanor M. Hughes Suzanne H. Somerville Beverley N. Westcoast
2003 – 2007 2004 – 2007; 2008; 2009 2011 – 2013 2008 – 2016
Eleanor M. Hughes (A) Elizabeth A. Smith (A) Charles R. Coffman Manager Corporate Services
2007 – 2008 2007 2013 – 2018 Bronwyn J. Jacobson
Peter G. Wilson  Latiefa Adams Karen J. Scriven 2016 – present
2008 – 2011 2008 – 2014 2020 – present
Damian R. Shuttleworth  Kate Wilson
2011 – 2014 2015 – 2017
Melesha J. Sands Karen J. Scriven (A)
2014 – 2018 2017
Tony I. Granich (A) Debra C. Unwin
2018 2018 – 2019; 2020-2021
Dr George P. Sekulla Helen M. Hawley (A)
2019 – present 2020; 2021

Student Numbers

Year Numbers
1977 346
1978 493
1979 548
1982 609
1983 586
1984 631
1985 800
1986 962
1987 1050
1988 1054
1989 976
1990 912
1991 850
1997 930
2002 813