House System

House System

At Swan View Senior High School, the House System aims to develop a sense of identity or belonging and to celebrate achievements.

Students have the opportunity to play an active role and contribute to a community within their school, which allows them to develop skills and talents and acknowledges their successes in a wide range of ways.

Students are encouraged to play an active role in the success of their House. Individual and team efforts are rewarded and students are expected to contribute to Inter-House competitions throughout the year.

Each House consists of students across Years 7 – 12. Students are allocated to a House on commencement.

The House names include:

  • Gladstone – green
  • Morrison – red
  • Salisbury – blue
  • Weld – yellow

The benefits of the House System include:

  • It provides students with a sense of belonging, comradery and identity during their time at Swan View.
  • It offers each student a wonderful opportunity to get to know and make new friends.
  • Provides leadership opportunities to students outside the Student Representative Council.
  • Students will be provided with a range of cooperative and competitive cultural and sporting activities to participate, learn new skills and gain confidence.