Enrolment Criteria

All applications from within our local intake area are processed.

  • Applications from parents/caregivers outside our local intake area are considered with the number being determined by the School’s capacity to accommodate further enrolments.
  • First priority is given to a child who has siblings also enrolled at Swan View Senior High School.
  • Second priority is given to a child who lives nearest to Swan View Senior High School.
  • Swan View Senior High School enrols students at all Year levels.


Prior to an appointment for interview the following documentation must be sighted and copies attached to the application for enrolment form.

  1. Proof of ownership of the property by the parent(s)/caregiver(s) where the student will reside. This may be a current rate notice from the local council.
  2. Where the family rents a property, a copy of the rental agreement (minimum 12 months). If the rental agreement is a private arrangement then a Statutory Declaration, authorised by a Justice of the Peace, will be needed from the Lessor to verify the place of residence. If at the time of submitting the Application to Enrol, it is not possible to show an extended lease of 12 months, a copy of a new lease agreement must be provided to the school prior to the student commencing.
  3. Renting a room in a property is not acceptable for enrolment.

Applicants should provide further evidence (minimum of 3) to confirm their residential address.  These may include:

  • Power – connection or account
  • Gas – connection or account

Plus, two of the below documents:

  • Water Account
  • Home telephone/Internet accounts
  • Removalist documents
  • Contents Insurance
  • Any other official documents that may support the application as proof of residence. 

Additional Documents Required

  • A copy of the student’s Birth Certificate if born in Australia or Passports of the Parents and the student if born overseas.
  • The student’s most recent school report showing subjects and grades.
  • The student’s most recent NAPLAN report if applicable

Parents/caregivers are reminded that under the School Education Act 1999, Division 2.20 “the Principal may cancel the enrolment if false or misleading information was given”.

  1. It is a requirement that the school is informed immediately of any change of address.
  2. It is also a requirement that all the information provided is accurate.

Cancellation of Enrolment and Change of Details

Note the Department of Education Enrolment Policy states:
Cancellation of enrolment

Section 20. (1) The Principal of a school may cancel the enrolment of an enrolee at the school if the Principal is satisfied that:

  1. The enrolment was obtained by the giving of false or misleading information; or
  2. Section 17 has not been complied with.

Note that Section 17 states:

Change of particulars

Section 17. (1) Where there is a change in:

  1. the place of residence of an enrolled student; or
  2. the particulars referred to in section 16 (1(b) or (c) in respect of the enrolee, notice of the change is to be given to the principal of the school at which the enrolee is enrolled
  3. by a parent or the enrolee;

Parents/caregivers are required to notify the school of any changes to a student’s Citizenship, i.e. current Visa sub Class when changing from Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident or where a student becomes an Australian Citizen. A copy of this documentation is required for school records.


A birth certificate or extract of birth certificate or passport must be provided with the Application for Enrolment as proof of age. Only in very exceptional circumstances, and only with the permission of the Principal, will a student be placed in a group that does not correspond to their age group.

A student who has turned 18 years of age prior to 30 June of the year of the application for enrolment will not be permitted to enrol at the school.


Provision of immunisation records at enrolment is a requirement of the Department of Education. Parents/caregivers of students vaccinated in Australia can request an Immunisation History Statement at any time by:

  • telephoning ACIR (Australian Childhood Immunisation Register) on 1800 653 809 (free call)
  • emailing acir@humanservices.gov.au

Change of Address

Continued enrolment at Swan View Senior High School is not assured where a family (student) changes residence outside the school boundary. Department of Education policy states the school must be informed “within 14 days” of any change of circumstances. This includes a change of address.


Siblings are not assured enrolment at the school where the family is residing outside the school boundary at the time of the sibling’s enrolment. Siblings are given some priority for enrolment over those families residing outside the local area (Out of Local Area Application) and are enrolled at the Principal’s discretion where capacity is established. Please provide the most recent school report when applying for enrolment.

Overseas Students

Students who were born overseas must be Australian citizens or hold an appropriate visa before enrolling at the school. For overseas students who are in Australia, using an entry visa, it is necessary that we sight the passport and visa of the parent – primary visa holder – and student at this time. These should be submitted at the time of the application.

Suspensions and Exclusions

It is a requirement of the Department of Education that any information on suspensions and exclusions must be provided to the school at the time of applying for enrolment. This information will help the school to provide your child with the appropriate support, if required. Children currently under suspension from a public school cannot be enrolled at another public school until the suspension period is over. Children who have previously been suspended or excluded from a public school may be required to enter into a behaviour agreement with the school if enrolment is accepted.

Out of Local Area Application

Students living outside the local intake area are welcome to apply for enrolment. The school will consider all applications and reply individually to each applicant.

The school must be promptly informed of any change to details provided (including email address) and where necessary, the proof of residential address must be resubmitted.

Please note the documents listed below are required for the next step in enrolment:

  • Most current copy of the student’s academic school report and NAPLAN report
  • If applicable, a copy of any current Family Court orders (original to be sighted)
  • Copy of the child’s immunisation records

At the end of Term 3, applications from parents/guardians outside our local intake area are considered with the number being determined by the school’s capacity to accommodate further enrolments at the Principal’s discretion.

The above criteria apply to students at all Year levels, and all parents/caregivers will receive notification of successful/unsuccessful enrolment at each stage of the process.