Principal George Sekulla Email
Deputy Principal
Teaching and Learning
Deb Unwin Email
Deputy Principal
Student Services
Karen Scriven Email
Deputy Principal
Pamela Moss Email
Deputy Principal
Inclusive Learning
Renee Bowell Email
Manager Corporate Services Bronwyn Jacobson Email


Relief Coordinator Vivien Colquhoun Email
Media & Marketing Sally Bradley Email
VET Coordinator Kate Rogers Email
VET/SIDE Nanette Burke Email
Workplace Learning Samantha Rinaldi Email
Enrolments Janet Criddle Email
Billing Officer Denise Cunningham Email
School Officer Andi Warwick Email
School Officer Letisha Gilchrist Email
School Officer Lauren Haese Email
Technical Support Officer Jonathan Francois Email
 Technical Support Officer Simon Roach Email

The Arts

Head of Learning Area/FAME Kate Rogers Email
Zoe Baldock Email
Andrew Blaikie Email
Specialist Music Selena Clohessy Email
Paul Judge Email

Health & Physical Education

Head of Learning Area Steve Bezant Email
Nathan Fletcher Email
Michael Jones Email
Travis Crawford Email
Jaimen Rudd Email
Kara Malkovic Email
Sian Self Email
Stephanie Klimczyk Email

English & Humanities

Head of Learning Area Kathryn Salisbury Email
Teacher in Charge – English Daniel Mills Email
 ACE Julia Wright Email
Michael Bennett-Hullin Email
David D’Alessandro Email
Jan Griffin Email
Ka Ling Chan Email
Laura Nowlan Email
Emma Pignatiello Email
Jemma Whelan Email
Saskia Harris Email
Alana Wilkinson Email

Mathematics & Science

Head of Learning Area Justine McCann Email
Teacher in Charge – Science Laura Raven Email
Caroline Davis Email
Kamnee Boojhawon Email
Bic Nguyen Email
Rhys Papas Email
Michaela Perry Email
Timothy Smith Email
Peter Spicer-Wensley Email
Sunitha Tokala Email
Paul Smith Email
Jyoti Sharma Email

Technology & Enterprise

Head of Learning Area John Vidler Email
Samuel Lloyd Email
Ray Higgott Email
Anna Taylor Email

Education Support Centre

Brooke Scolt Email
Karen Spencer Email
Sheridan Cullinan Email
Lead EA Mel Brown Email

Student Services

Lower School 7-9 Nathan Trengove Email
Upper School 10 – 12 Helen Hawley Email
Engagement Officer Year 7-8 Fleur Fletcher Email
Engagement Officer Year 9 Emily Brown Email
Engagement Officer Year 10-12 Amanda De Goede Email
Year 7 Coordinator Emma Pignatiello Email
Year 8 Coordinator Nathan Fletcher Email
Year 9 Coordinator Michaela Perry Email
Year 10 Coordinator Jaimen Rudd Email
Year 11 Coordinator Andrew Blaikie Email
Year 12 Coordinator Tim Smith Email
School Psychologist Deb Fleck Email
Attendance Tracey Warwick Email
Absentee Bianca Brown Email
School Chaplain Jon Jon Ramirez Email

Clontarf Academy

  Kevin Bruce Email
Garth Taylor Email
Brad Tomlinson Email

Girls Academy

Kellie Tucker Email
Katrina Jetta Email

Follow the Dream

Kelly Klymiuk Email