People have always danced, and dance continues to evolve as a form of expression, fulfilling a variety of functions in society. As an art form, dance encourages artistic creativity and the active use of the imagination.
Dance is dynamic and powerful. It embodies our ideas, thoughts, emotions and values and provides a unique opportunity to develop physically, creatively, aesthetically, emotionally and intellectually. At Swan View Senior High School, students enjoy a wide range of dance genres with several opportunities to perform in front of an audience.

Lower School Years 7-10

Dance in lower school is an exploration of different genres and basic dance elements. In Year 7 & 8 students focus on basics of movements through a variety of Dance genres. In Year 9 students study the concepts in Dance with emphasis on technique and manipulation of dance elements. They develop their own choreography and cover the genres of Break dance, Shuffle, Australian Bush dance, Line dance, Folk dance, and Primitive dance. In Year 10 students continue to broaden their understanding and personal development in choreography with a particular emphasis on contemporary dance technique.

Senior School Years 11-12

Students in Senior School will be studying General Dance. In units 1 & 2s will be focusing on Modern, Jazz, and Hip Hop. They will perform before an audience in a variety of situations. Students will study choreography, performance and contextual knowledge.
In units 3 & 4 students will be required to perform in a group and as a solo performance in the genres of Contemporary Dance, and Hip Hop.

Fun Stuff

Live Dance Performance