The English learning area teaches students to value and use the English language effectively. Students develop an understanding of how language works and how it can be used for different purposes and in different contexts. This includes a focus on grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. Competence in English underpins success in all other areas of the curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum: English is organised into three integrated strands: Language, Literature and Literacy. Students learn to read, analyse and interpret a range of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts. This includes a broad range of forms including novels, poetry, short stories, plays, film, documentary, persuasive speeches, and a variety of non-fiction and workplace texts. Students create oral, print, visual and multimodal texts and learn how to adapt these for different purposes and audiences.

Students are encouraged to develop the ability to problem solve, act ethically and communicate clearly. As they become competent in the use of Standard Australian English, students will also appreciate the variety of language in our culturally diverse country. They are encouraged to respect indigenous literature and explore texts that reflect Australia’s links to Asia.



In 2015, year 11 students will be enrolled in either General or ATAR English. Students who have not yet passed the OLNA will be enrolled in Foundation English. Year 11 students will be given an opportunity to pass the OLNA in March and if successful, they will move into General English.

English General

The course is designed to provide students with the skills to succeed in a wide range of post-secondary pathways by developing their language, literacy and literary skills. Students comprehend, analyse, interpret, evaluate and create analytical, imaginative, interpretive and persuasive texts in a range of written, oral, multimodal and digital forms.

English ATAR

The English ATAR course is designed for university bound students with the skills to undertake a challenging and rigorous academic pathway. It focuses on developing students’ analytical, creative and critical thinking, and communication skills in all language modes. The course requires students to critically engage with texts from their contemporary world, the past, and from Australian and other cultures.


In 2016, students who have completed English General Units 1 and 2 in year 11 will progress into English General Units 2 and 3 in year 12. This course is ideally suited for entry to a State Training Provider (STP) or for those looking for employment.

University bound students who have completed English ATAR Units 1 and 2 in year 11 will progress into English ATAR Units 3 and 4 in year 12. This is the most academic stream and the course is challenging and rigorous.