Music has a universal place in every culture across the globe and throughout history. We study music because it is amazing within its own right, as well as for the extra benefits it can bring in neural pathway development. Studying music now provides the basis for a life time of further participation which contributes to the musical culture of the future. It also sets students up for success in their chosen careers, building skills such as teamwork, resilience, communication and organisation.

Music at Swan View SHS can provide students with life skills, a meaningful hobby for school and beyond, or a career pathway into the Music Industry. Some professions include: music artist, sound engineer, music producer and music teacher.

Lower School – Years 7-10

Students studying music in lower school learn a variety of skills. In Year 7 students are introduced to instruments, start to develop aural, theory and performance skills and create pieces of their own. In Year 8, students continue to develop these skills and are exposed to music of different styles and cultures. In Year 9 students further hone their learning in both theory and performance. By the time students reach Year 10 they learn the classics and further build on their keyboard and instrumental skills.

Senior School – Years 11-12

The Music General course encourages students to explore a range of musical experiences, developing their musical skills and understanding, their creative and expressive potential, and understanding and respect for music and music practices across different times, places and cultures through different musical contexts. It consists of written and practical components including performance, analysis, composition and aural skills.

Instrumental Music

For selected students, the opportunity to study an instrument with a specialised teacher is available. This teacher visits the school weekly and delivers small-group lessons. They also run ensembles such as the Junior and Senior Rock Bands, Guitar Ensemble and Percussion ensemble. These ensembles are invited to perform at events throughout the year.