Art is a fundamental dimension of human life. Throughout history the visual arts have given form and meaning to ideas and feelings and provided ways for people to express and communicate experience. The Visual Arts courses encompass the practice and theory of the broad areas of art, craft and design. Students have opportunities to express their imagination and develop personal imagery, develop skills, and engage in the making and presentation of artworks.


In years 7 and 8 students learn the basics of art skills. This can include drawing, printmaking, ceramic work, painting and textiles. They will develop their drawing skills in all projects they undertake and learn about the elements and principles of art.

By year 9 students are making gargoyles and monsters, learn to draw different styles and design comics.

In year 10 they develop Art skills that can include silk screening, ceramics and pastels. They also explore many of the art movements including as surrealism, pop art and abstract.


Students further develop their arts skills in senior school. In year 11 they study portraiture and public art. In year 12 they look at mural design and production as well as assemblage art and paintings.

Course Offered: CUA20715 – Certificate II in Visual Arts

Fun Stuff

City Northbridge Galleries Excursion
Wild Zoo Day Out
Arts Exhibition at local show
Arts Open Day Exhibition
Artists in Residence

For more information about Visual Arts at Swan View SHS, please contact Alanna Vine on 9294 1080 or via email