Digital Focus – Women in Leadership

Digital Focus – Women in Leadership

Swan View Senior High School have partnered with ABCN (Australian Business Community Networks) for 12 years. All the programs delivered by ABCN have always been face to face, this year COVID-19 changed all that.

As not to disadvantage our students ABCN with the support of their member companies Accenture and EY and in consultation with students, educators, and mentors, developed a digital program, with a view to providing a new path forward in how ABCN programs are experienced and delivered.

The purpose of the Digital Focus-Women in Leadership Program is to encourage the take-up of leadership roles by female students and to provide the young women essential leadership skills they need to engage in a successful, meaningful career. Sessions include an introduction to leadership styles, realising strengths and creating a leadership picture.

Twelve young ladies and aspiring leaders from Year 10 attended the three sessions, they adapted to the digital format with ease. The students showed maturity and confidence when speaking with their female executive mentors, I was super proud of them all.


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