Education Support Centre

Education Support Centre

The 2021 school year is now well under way and the Centre is bustling with the implementations of new programs. We welcomed five new families to our Centre and I would like to congratulate the Year 7 students for the way they have seamlessly transitioned into high school, bringing with them a delightful array of energy and antics. While there are many changes to get used to, students are supported by a dedicated group of professional staff as well as our beloved Therapy Dog: Elvis.

In Term 1, we welcomed back our teachers: Mrs Karen Spencer (Years 7-9), Miss Sheridan Cullinan (Years 10-12) and Mrs Brooke Scolt (Certificate program and optional programs).

Mrs Karen Spencer took leave from week 8 this Term and has accepted a secondment to teach in mainstream from Term 2. This is an exciting opportunity for her to expand her knowledge and share her skills across the school. In her place, we welcome Mr Tom Evans. Mr Evnas is a well-known staff member who has been widely welcomed by the students and brings with him a new perspective of ideas and activities.

Today we say a temporary goodbye to Mrs Georgie Materne (Education Assistant) who is moving to Darwin with her family for two years. Her calm manner, professionalism and capacity to work with any student will be impossible to replace. While we wish her well on her new adventure, we are also aware that two years is only 730 days and we will be counting the days down from the moment her plane takes off. See you soon Mrs Materne.

As an integrated Centre, Mrs Spencer and her team introduced Junior Math Mastery in collaboration with the mainstream math department. Students were tested across the school and placed in either the ESC class or mainstream class based on their results. The program has demonstrated successes in that the concepts are slowly built upon and student progress is mapped to identify areas of focus.

Students were invited to attend the annual Kalability Cricket carnival at Hartfield Park, competing against five other schools in small sided games of modified cricket. Students demonstrated fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship, proudly representing our school. We are so proud of all of the students, and Timothy Pearson-Goodacre and Sharnee Colley received medals for their excellent participation throughout the day. We look forward to future carnivals over the coming terms.

Mrs Scolt is teaching a Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways to Upper School students. This qualification is designed to support access to employment and further vocational training. Course content focuses on oral communication and develops entry level digital technology and employability skills. Students are making slow and steady progress through the modules and have proven to generalise some of the learned skills across other units of study.

Students in Miss Cullinan’s class are participating in a Community Access program. This program could not run in 2020 due to COVID-19, so staff and students are thrilled to finally be able to conduct their weekly program off site. The program aims to build independence and confidence by explicitly teaching travel training skills, road safety and appropriate community behaviors. Students went on their first outing in week 8 where they walked to the local Swan View IGA and Coles, completing shopping tasks. Students will continue to build upon these skills and develop their independence in accessing public transport throughout Term 2.

Mrs Renee Bowell
Deputy Principal – Inclusive Education


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