Education Support Centre

Education Support Centre

Staff and students have been through many changes over the Semester, one such change was having to say Goodbye at the end of week 8 to Ms Nicky Neumayr as she left on maternity leave. Ms Neumayr started teaching in the Centre last year and won they hearts of the students with her fun, interesting and practical STEM activities. We wish her well for the next chapter in her life: she was an important part of our team and will be missed.

L-R: Tyeisha Grimmett Harris and Ms Neumayr

Students were investigating the concepts of density, buoyancy and properties of different materials in STEM this Term. This involved conducting a number of experiments involving different materials in order to design a raft. Students were highly engaged in trying out their ideas to build their rafts and sharing their findings about raft buoyancy when rafts were placed in water. The language was as rich as the learning.

Experiments bring out the inquisitive nature of students and this term, soaking an egg and chicken bones in vinegar to investigate the role of calcium in egg shells and bones was no different! Students were amazed to be able to bend a chicken bone without cracking it and for the shell of an egg to just fall from the egg itself. Such experiments develop a student’s resourcefulness through goal setting and problem solving. We hope they shared their experiences with you in the home.

Through embracing Indigenous cultures and history in Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), students explored the significance of National Sorry Day (26 May) in Australia and embarked on a deeper understanding of how the stolen generation impacted families and social outcomes. Students researched, discussed and questioned one another throughout their learning journey. Further, they investigated the importance of the Eddie Mabo court case and the effect it had on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Students were taught that cultural awareness is about recognising different beliefs, values and customs while still holding on to their own. It is about learning and accepting.

Mrs Renee Bowell
Deputy Principal – Inclusive Learning 


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