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School Production: “Mermaid” by Polly Teale

This year we are tackling a retelling of a classic fairy tale with a modern twist as we present Polly Teale’s play “Mermaid”. The story focuses on teenager Blue who does not fit in with her friends and is obsessed with mermaids. For her English class, she is tasked with retelling a fairy tale and she chooses “The Little Mermaid”. As she writes, we delve into the world of the mermaids intertwined with Blue’s reality. While the classic story is thought of a children’s tale, the darker aspects of this production lends itself to an older (teen and adult) audience.

Wednesday 7 August – 7:00pm

Friday 9 August – 7:00pm

Saturday 10 August – 2:00pm and 7:00pm

For bookings contact:

Kate Rogers: 9294 0100/9294 6100