Swans Elevate Program

Swans are committed to improving the lives of the people in the community through creating greater engagement in education and transitions to employment, improving health and wellbeing and enhancing community connections. Mentoring is a key pillar to this, and this year we will bring Mentors into the school, creating new connections and support for students to be the best version of themselves.

All sessions are led by Swans, with Mentors playing a vital role in working with students and engaging them in activities, all while building strong relationships and sharing stories that may influence them to see the power of education, gain a new perspective on the world and what’s possible in their future, as well as building resilience and confidence in themselves to achieve.

Elevate sessions are all designed for students to understand some key insights such as:

  • Education unlocks opportunities
  • Making strong connections and alliances opens doors
  • Good physical and mental health is vital

Our Swans Elevate Program is proudly supported by CAT Westrac and Mundaring Bendigo Bank.