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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to buy a Mac? Can we buy another brand?

Swan View SHS wants to ensure the most effective use of ICT to enhance student learning. Through consultation with staff and discussions with other schools, overwhelmingly the Mac is the preferred option. This is for safety, connectivity to the school’s network and use by teachers in classrooms. Having students working on the same platform make the use of ICT more efficient and maximises instruction time. MacBooks are also proven to be more durable resulting in less down-time due to repairs.

Do we have to buy from Winthrop?

Not at all. If you happen to find an equivalent laptop at a cheaper price, you are more than welcome to purchase it. Similarly, if you have already got a MacBook at home, that can be used instead. Please carefully consider factors such as warranty and insurance in comparing prices.
If you are purchasing a new MacBook, keep in mind that you are responsible for all repairs. Winthrop will repair MacBooks for you and will do so at Swan View SHS, which means you will not have to take the MacBook into a service facility.
All MacBooks that are to be used by students on the school network must have the school image placed on them. This would wipe anything already on the MacBook, so we recommend backing it up before it is re-imaged.

What happens if we don’t buy one for our students?

Students will have access to computer labs and laptops at school, however, they will not be able to take these home with them to complete work. Students are welcome to save work on USB drives and use their home computers to complete anything, should they choose to.