Introducing the Innovate programs at Swan View Senior High School. These courses encourage our students to engage creatively in real world problems, applying their understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in integrated and innovative ways. At Swan View Senior High School, we are committed to providing our students with opportunity to extend themselves and prepare for a future that we cannot yet imagine.

Innovate at Swan View Senior High School offers programs in:

  • Robotics – Students will be working on programming robots to perform certain tasks. Students will solve STEM related problems and program their robots using these skills.
  • Virtual Worlds – Every task will require the students to evolve, adapt and challenge themselves as they move through a journey of intellectual discovery.
  • Digital Technologies – Students will be introduced to 3-dimensional Modelling.
  • Design Technologies – Students will learn how to design solutions to everyday problems that people encounter studied in a range of engaging design contexts.